Customizing Weight and Strength Training to Match Your Sport

Like most kids our teen wanted to lift weights to get stronger for a sport. However, there was a difference. First, the kid is our daughter, not a son. Second, this was not some passing fancy. She really was committed to being the best in her sport right where she was at. When I asked her about a career in it, she said she wanted to be the best where she was at, and that she would do the same if she turned pro. We got her into a Denver strength training class tailored for her specific sport.

When I was a teen I started lifting weights at a friend’s house. His dad bought him a weight set and a bench. We would work out about three days per week. It got old for most of my friends, and I had to make use of the school gym after classes to keep up my goals. I was not wanting to compete, but I did want to be strong and fit. When I went to college, I used the campus gym. When I got married, we bought a house with an extra room we turned into a gym. I bulked up on muscle to a degree I was happy maintaining. I was not interested in any competitions, but I wanted to look my best. Plus, being strong and fit helped me on the job.

Our daughter has learned how to strength train for her sport in a way that is almost completely opposite of what I do to maintain my muscle mass. She is training for a combination of building specific muscle groups for her sport and having flexibility to move fast. I am glad we hired a professional Denver strength training expert to help her reach her goals. Even in her sophomore year at high school, no one could surpass her ability. She lead her school to the state championship. Now she is competing in collegiate sports.