Honda HR-V Electric Car

Beijing Motor Show has passed, but there are interesting from Honda products. Namely, Honda introduced a concept electric car. A car called the Everus EV Concept, and reminds us of Honda HR-V. As quoted from Paultan, the concept car will be produced with large quantities in China.

At a glance, the Everus EV Concept looks like the future version of the Honda HR-V, which is almost the same for the B-segment crossover and has a rear door handle at the top.

However, the front of this car has a headlamp with 3-dimensional effects, the Everus emblem, and grille designed to accommodate charging.

The front of the car is equipped with a curved LED thin lines. Blue light lines pinned on some parts, such as the hood, bumper, and the side of the car.

Currently, details about this car have not been announced including the electric powertrain used. Everus brand marketing will be done under Guangqi Honda, which is a joint Honda with Guangzhou Automobile Grop (GAC Group). According to you, is it appropriate if Honda HR-V electric adopted the design Everus EV Concept?

by Honda Malang