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Variety Of Safety Gears For Motorcycle Riding

Bike riding can be a great experience, if the proper safety measures are followed. Helmets are the first and foremost safety gear that is used by bikers all across the world. But along with helmets there are also many other safety gears or accessories that provide varying protective features and are thus used by riders.

We will now take a look at what would be the perfect gear for motorcycle riding.

Helmet It is the most important among all the safety gears that are available for bikers. It is vital to choose the perfect quality and right sized motorcycle helmet for the rider’s safety.

Eye Gear Protective eye gear is always necessary if you do not use a full face helmet. Eye gear like goggles or sunglasses can protect the eye from dust and any flying insects.

Leather Coats Leather coats are important as they give protection to your upper body and protect it from cuts or bruises. These leather coats also provide safety from cold weather conditions and keep your body warm. Normal types of leather coats provide protection only up to a certain level. Bikers who ride at high speeds should opt for leather coats that are made of combined materials like Kevlar and consists of padding made of carbon fiber at the joints.

Motorcycle Gloves Just like leather coats, these gloves are made of different materials. But motorcycle gloves are an important accessory for bikers. These gloves help the rider have a perfect grip on the handles which is an important aspect for safe riding. It is also necessary to keep separate pairs of gloves for different seasons as leather gloves can be worn in winter but not in summer and cotton gloves can be put on in summer but not in rainy weather. Weather proof gloves that can be used in any weather along with providing great protection are also available but are quite expensive.

Leather Boots Hard leather boots that go over the ankle should be used. The reason for using hard leather is that they don’t bend easily and thus in a worst case scenario like an accident, the boots can protect your feet or ankle.

Other than the above mentioned safety gear, there are various others like, knee pads, Motorcycle jeans, back protectors, leather pants etc. Each of them has their own significance in providing safety to the rider using them.