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Adidas Stops Production of Fitness Tracker

Over the past few years, Adidas has ventured into the tech business field by producing line of wearable devices such as fitness tracker. But now, the giant sports apparel from Germany is rumored to no longer continue his fitness tracker business.

According to a report from the Portland Business Journal, as quoted by The Verge on Tuesday (19/12/2017), Adidas has closed the hardware device fitness tracker division.

It is unclear why Adidas terminated this division. Thus, the company will no longer continue the production and sales of fitness tracker devices.

Instead, Adidas will focus on developing software for fitness, such as Adidas App and Runtastic. Adidas itself has released some fitness tracker to the market, call miCoach Smart Run. Unfortunately, the sale of these devices did not go smoothly.

The focus of Adidas to develop software can not be separated from the reason to acquire Runtastic a few years ago. They do not want the acquisition process to run aground, given the huge potential Runtastic.

The fitness app reported to have 70 million users previously belonged to the German-based publisher, Axel Springer SE.

“By joining us with Adidas Group, nothing can stop us from delivering the perfect application for the user’s fitness needs,” wrote Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner on his personal blog.

Adidas itself is believed to have a ripe plan with Runtastic. They will most likely integrate their miCoach fitness monitoring devices with the Runtastic app.

In addition, Runtastic is also sure to become a weapon mainstay Adidas to compete with Nike that has been established with its Nike Plus application.

Not only Nike, in the mobile platform sector, Adidas also left behind by manufacturers of sports equipment from the United States, Under Armor (UA).

UA launched a massive invasion of the mobile platform sector by acquiring two popular fitness apps MyFitnessPal with US $ 475 million and Endomondo for US $ 85 million.